Thursday, December 8, 2011

le sigh...

So I am back to the old game of hippity hoppity on the scale. Before you say anything, yes I know all of the "don't weigh every day, your bound to fluctuate" "Its water weight" blah blah blah. Yes I K-N-O-W this information, but do I listen? Obviously, not! Instead of listening to this nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to put the scale away except for weigh in days twice a week, I am frustrated by the ups and downs that I see on a daily basis. Why is this? I honestly have no idea. I have this compulsive need to weigh myself (probably comes from 24 years of being overweight...psh but who's counting?). I know that everyone thinks that I look amazing and need to stop trying to loose weight; however, I would REALLY like to get to 130 before I just worry about not gaining it back. Why 130? Well, this would put me fairly close to the middle of "normal" on the BMI chart. Where I am now, depending on whether today is a hippity or a hoppity I am normal or overweight. I DO NOT want to be over weight any longer. It is as simple as that. I am not obsessed with the number, my looks, or the art of loosing weight. I AM obsessed with not being "overweight".

Many of you may return with, "So get your slightly-overweight-depending-on-the-day ass off the couch and exercise!". Eureka, because I haven't heard THAT before! While exercising seems like a no brainer, I have hit several obstacles. 1) There is snow and ice EVERYWHERE 2) My membership at the DU gym has been cancelled because I am not a "full-time" student (even though I am) 3) I can not afford a different gym, or even DU's gym 4) My apartment is not conducive to high movement exercise videos 5) I hate exercising...While number 5 may not technically count as a good excuse, it is one I use often. I know that I should break out the Wii and at least do some step aerobics or something each night, but I just hate it so much! Though, my ready for bed at 8pm mentality is probably screaming that I have plenty of time to do what I need to do...Goal for tonight...Wii...

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