Monday, December 5, 2011

So Much...

So sorry that I haven't posted in almost a week! Things have been going really really well! I found out that I got a promotion at work, which means I will be making more money and have the opportunity to work more hours.  Plus, there is a very high probability for a full time promotion come March or so!

In other news, we have Snow...Snow...Snow...oh and did I mention that it snowed? Yes? Well, it is worth mentioning again, because it snowed! Yes, about every two days we get a fabulous 4 inches of snow, which has made my commute a blessing and thrill! <--Note sarcasm! The snow has been gorgeous and a lot of fun for the dog, however, breaking ice off of water troughs and driving has not been as enjoyable!

Also, I am almost back down to my lowest pre-Italy weight, just in time to head to Virginia and Texas for the holidays! I am not too worried about Texas, as everyone else is in weight loss mode and we should do alright;  however, the trip to Virginia may put me over the edge. That doesn't matter though, because I am going to see Shane for 7 whole days! This will be our longest visit (I think) since I moved in May 2010! We have so much stuff planned, yet we have a lot of downtime. I am not totally sure when Shane will have to work and not, so I am just being flexible. I know that Thursday is his graduation (YAY SHANE!) from Police Academy and we are going to go have pictures taken. Then his parents are treating us to dinner to celebrate, finally we are going back to his house to open Christmas gifts. Saturday his mom is having a Pampered Chef party and I will get to meet my Director for the first time! Besides that, I am not sure we really have anything planned other than just enjoying our time together! On the 21st I fly out to Texas to see the family, which I am SUPER excited about. This holiday season is going to be amazing, I can feel it!

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