Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back Stateside!

Italy was possibly the greatest week of my life. There is so much to tell and so many pictures to share. We began in Milan and did Milan in 5 hours (haha, consisting of pizza, The Last Supper, and The Duomo). Then we hopped a train to Florence. This was probably my favorite city. It was so historic and cute and laid back! We took several tours in florence and saw so many things. We had an amazing tour guide on our first day for the Best of Florence Walking Tour. He gave us so much insight into the history, the art, the politics, and more! I loved it. After 2 days in Florence we went to a day long Cooking School! We started the day with a tour of the Central Market in town and learned about all of the delicious foods and oils local to the area. Then we went to the school and made a delicious 5 course meal (and ate it of course). That evening we took the train to Rome. Rome was an amazing city full of history, however, it was definitely a CITY with millions of people! Regardless of that it was spectacular! We took several different tours there as well, however, my favorite was the Angels and Demons tour. We went around the city and saw all of the different churches and sites that were referenced in the book! All along the way the tour guide told the story in such a captivating manner! Once I get the time to upload all of my pictures I will post a few here...

So, how did my waisteline fair during this 10 day eating, drinking, eating, drinking fest? I am only up 4 pounds! I was up more than that when I went to visit Shane for a long weekend! My sister and mom and I were talking and I think that it is the fact that everything is so fresh and that they don't use preservatives in the food OR the wine. So, I am doing a fresh start starting today (3 days of raw green veggies and unlimited protein) then I will be jumping right back on the Weight Watcher wagon. I only have 15 days until I leave for Virginia, hard to believe. I figure the holidays will be alot of this eating bad, correcting my weight, eating bad, correcting my weight...oh well...

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