Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 1

My homepage is iGoogle and I have a inspirational quote/success tip that pops up each day. Todays quote was:

" It's never too late to become the 
person you might have been"
-George Elliot

I thought that this was extremely appropriate in regards to my new adventure that I am embarking upon!

So yesterday and half of today has gone off without a hitch. Yesterday, after my mini meltdown in the Slimgenics office, they challenged me to do a few things:
  • Eat a whole grapefruit each morning
  • Eat more meat (I will miss my eggs and Greek yogurt)
  • DO NOT weigh-in on my own scale in between weigh-in days
As most of you know I am a serious rule follower. If there is a rule then I have an inherent NEED to follow it. In the past they have suggested that I put my scale away; however, this time they said I have to put it away. So, last night I packed it away at the top of my closet so that I would not be tempted to weigh-in every time I went into the bathroom. This created a bit of anxiety this morning as I missed stepping on that scale and recording the number; however, it was also extremely liberating. I made it through eating the grapefruit (even though I am not a huge fan of grapefruit) and ate chicken for lunch and plan to eat chicken for dinner. Apparently, chicken has 54grams of protein while eggs only have 9...that is a SIGNIFICANT difference! I weigh-in tomorrow so we will see if there has been a change. Oh please let there have been a change!

Last night and this morning I did well on all of my other goals as well. I even took out my contacts and wore my mouth guard (I clench my jaw at night, resulting in headaches in the mornings). I haven't been doing either of these short tasks at night. I have been continuously waking up with headaches in the mornings, known why had the headaches, and yet did I take out my contacts or put in my mouth guard. Of course not, why would i do that? Unfortunately, Trinity threw a shoe last night, so my goal of working her won't get accomplished until next week. She is doing so great though. I will post pictures soon! 

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