Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly review of goals

1.) Sticking to my diet religiously in order to loose the 14.25 pounds that I want to loose and reach my goal! Well, I did stick to my diet religiously (despite my intense desire to eat the Thin Mint cookies). If anything I overate on green veggies (but those are free). Unfortunately, I weighed in this morning and was at the same weight I was Friday (13pounds to go...). It is so frustrating! I try and try and try and NOTHING!  I seriously almost had another break down in the office this morning, but I sucked it up, said I would be perfect today, drink extra water, and use extra lemon and weigh in again tomorrow...{sigh}

2.) Work out three times a week at the gym. Tuesdays I will do a 30 minute Ab Blast. Wednesday morning I will do an hour of Power Yoga. Thursday afternoon I will do an hour of Zumba. Work out classes don't start until September 12 so I haven't been able to do this goal yet, but I did do an hour of power yoga on Wednesday. I always feel SO good afterwards!

3.) Walk Remy (my dog) for fifteen minutes down the Highline Canal at least 4 times a week (hopefully on those days that I don't work out). Remy and I went for a stroll once, but I did not hold up my three times a week :-( (it was only a half week though right?) This weekend though, I did get an amazing sale on some ShapeUp! tennis shoes. Now, when I walk Remy I will be getting double the exercise! I have heard nothing but good things about these shoes so for less than $30 I could not turn them down.

4.) Work Trinity (my horse) four mornings a week and ride three evenings a week. As I said in a previous post, Trinity lost a shoe so I wasn't able to keep up her workout routine. I did work her 3 mornings, but I don't like riding her without a shoe. 

5.) Wash my face, exfoliate, and moisturize twice a day. SUCCESS!

6.) Take the time to put on my make-up correctly every weekday morning. SUCCESS!

Wow, I thought that I have been doing really well this week, but as I look over this post I realize that I have not been as good as I though. Today starts a new week and I vow to complete each and every thing on this task list! My parents will be in town on Friday and I will even keep it up while they are here! I am so confidant that I am going to add two more goals:

7.) Take out my contacts every night SUCCESS!
8.) Wear my mouth guard every night SUCCESS!

So there you go...My first full week has begun...

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