Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So, I weighed in this morning and was down 1.5 pounds! What a relief! I am always so pissy when they write off my lack of weightloss as "water weight" but apparently they were right this time because I am back on track. I now have 11.5 to loose in 5.5 weeks, meaning I still have just over 2 pounds per week to loose. The good thing is, that this weekend is Labor Day weekend and if I manage to loose 1/2 a pound (which I don't know if I will since Mom and Dad will be here) I earn another 2 free weeks. This will make me feel much better! If I earn those two weeks, I will be finishing my "Balance" phase right before Italy. That would make me nervous seeing as though I would be on my own with no counselor or guidance for the first 12 days of my maintenance phase, but we are getting ahead of ourselves as I have to earn those two free weeks first...

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