Thursday, September 1, 2011

Powering Through

Okay...so not weighing myself EVERY morning (and lets be serious, every chance I get) is giving me all kinds of anxiety. I am going for an official weigh-in tomorrow and I don't like not knowing what I am getting myself in to... I think that I have been good (except for a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte yesterday...I am not supposed to have milk but I was craving one so bad that I figured it would be fine. I forgot to only order a tall until she handed it to me, so I was only going to drink half...lets guess how that worked out?). Anyways, I have been using a lot of lemon in my water, eating grapefruit, varying my different proteins, etc., so I should have good news to report tomorrow...pray I have good news!

In other news, I got my new air conditioner yesterday! I finally caved and sent back the TWO broken evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) for a full refund. The company was so irritating and I finally decided that I had gone through enough pain. I forked out a few extra dollars and got a real air conditioner. I was pretty crafty/handy (read cheap) in constructing a tall table to sit the compressor on. All of the reviews said it should be positioned above head height for maximum cooling. So, I turned Remy's old kennel on its end, placed plywood on the top, covered it in a neutral sheet, and VOILA! a stand for my A/C!

So, I turned it on last night and let me tell you, I have not been so cool/comfortable in my own apartment...ever! In college our dorms were always hot, in my first apartment it was too expensive to run the air (it would TRIPLE my electric bill), and then I bought those crappy swamp coolers. Now, paradise! I can keep my windows closed, thereby reducing the amount of dust/sand wafting into my apartment from the nearby horse arena AND I can stay cool and not humid!

It is the small victories...

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