Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do You Like Free Stuff?

So, I have recently started a new business opportunity! I am so excited to start sharing it and helping others to discover how amazing this opportunity really is! I have become a Pampered Chef Consultant! I know what many of you are thinking...oh geez another home-buy program. I thought the same thing, but I LOVE it. I can do as much or as little as I want and I have found that I absolutely LOVE the products and the training and talking to people about the business! I also love that I can involve my friends near and far in the opportunity by having them host "catalog parties". Most importantly, I love that I get to use and own several amazing kitchen products that I would have never gotten elsewhere! If you happen to read my blog and would like more information about hosting a Pampered Chef Party in the Denver area then PLEASE leave a comment here or send me an email. If you do not live in Denver but you like the idea of getting amazing kitchen stuff free, at half price, or discounted up to 30% then contact me about hosting a Catalog Party. If you have a non-profit or a group that needs to host a fundraiser, what better way then a fun and interactive cooking show in which your organization receives up to 15% of the sales as a donation!?!

The concepts couldn't be easier. You host the party, I do the work, you get a ton of free stuff! For catalog parties, you don't even need to find a time to get your friends together. You simply take the catalog everywhere you go, talk to people about the amazing products, great benefits, and amazing warranties and BAM they place an order. After you have collected all of your orders you send them to me and I send you anything you want for FREE, half price, or up to 30% off.

My blog wont let me attach the awesome fliers, but I will send you all the information you need if you comment here! Make sure to include your contact information!

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