Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Astute Observations...

So, while visiting Virginia this past weekend I made an astute observation about current fashion in America (or at least in the preppy south...). I am living at a never ending Horse Show...

What? You may ask...for years, it was normal to go to a horse show and see girls walking around in skin tight leggings (riding pants) with knee high flat boots (riding boots) with a long sleeve shirt and vest or a long sleeve shirt and fitted quilt jacket of blazer. What did I see people wearing at the pumpkin patch you may ask...leggings with mid calf or knee high boots, a long sleeve shirt, and a vest. While years ago this was simply practical since it made the transition for relaxed to show dress easy...now it is fashionable? Now, don't get me wrong, I have partaken in this craze of what I will deem "Horse Show Chic" and I actually very much enjoy the style; however, I was slightly taken aback several times when I had Las Colinas Fall Classic, Glen Rose Spring Awakening, and San Antonio Christmas Final flashbacks!

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