Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Busy Week

I know, I know, I know...I post like 52 things over the weekend and then fall of the face of the earth...Well, that is because this week has been slightly insane in the life category. It has been an extremely busy week at work dealing with some stuff from last week and then just plugging ahead! My boss is amazing and keeps giving me more and more responsibility, which I LOVE. My job could not be better. I have an awesome team (save some ridiculously immature boys...) and a great work environment (it will be better once the multimillion dollar library is built and we move in!).

On the food front (which I am sure is why you are here), I have been doing well. I am hovering around 138 and I don't like it. I really want to drop and get to 130. I know that my body hovers, hovers, hovers, jumps down, but that doesn't make it any easier. I looked at my WW graph today and it is depressing (even knowing that it was through the holidays). I will share it with you, but don't judge!

So yeah...depressing...My weeks are tough because I don't really have time to make delicious dinners and gourmet breakfasts, though that may be part of my downfall...who knows at this point. I do know that I am fairly comfortable eating at 26 points, so if that is what I take to maintain then it wont be too bad. I know my other downfall is my serious need for sweets lately. I am usually pretty good around sweets (not salty), but las I have described in the past, lately that has changed. My boss was so sweet and brought in donuts the other day so I had one. Oh MAN it was good. Did you know a glazed donut only has 6 points+? I sure didn't. I knew for sure that I was blowing a weeks worth of points. While it wasn't the best use of points, it was delicious. THAT is not my downfall. My downfall (I believe) is the bite sized Butterfinger, Dark Chocolate Godiva Squares, Lindt Truffles...ugh it makes me want one now...

So, to hopefully combat my need to eat processed food to avoid going to the grocery, I have signed up for Mile High Organics. This is a company that delivers fresh, organic, fruits and veggies to your front door every Friday. Now, I am hoping this means I will only need to go to the store one or twice a month to restock frozen fruit (for smoothies), frozen veggies, and various other quick meal options. This company will deliver everything from fruits, veggies, herbs, protein (though the protein is pricey), eggs, dairy, etc. So, I think that it will force me to eat fresh more. This is always a better option, in my opinion. If I know I have more coming then I will have to eat what I have...right? I think the items are slightly pricey (due to their "organic" rating), but it isn't too horrible and I think it will keep me within my grocery budget.

Do you have any secrets that help keep you on track?

Oh, an NO, this view never gets old! 

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