Monday, January 2, 2012

A Fabulous Trip

Well, I am back...I know that I have been MIA for a while. I had ever intention of writing while I was out of town; however, I just didn't. So...oh well! I had an amazing trip, though I am excited to get back into my daily activities. To begin, Shane took all of his top honors at graduation. I could not be more excited for him. He was top in academics, shooting, and overall shooting/defensive tactics! He started his job and is doing so well and really seems to enjoy it. If nothing else, he is doing well in the eyes of his supervisors (which is ALWAYS good!). After his amazing graduation session, we had a fabulous week relaxing and spending time together. Additionally, I spent a ton of time with his mother (Donna) baking and cooking and laughing in the kitchen. The down side...the sugar! OH THE SUGAR! We ate a ton of sugar and sugar cookies!

After Virginia, I was off to Texas. I had so much fun spending time with my aunts, seeing my cousins, and most of all seeing and spending time with my mom, dad, and sister. Christmas was great and so was our Family Reunion New Years Party. Something was weird though, the whole thing did not seem like Christmas to any of us. I felt more like I was going through the holiday motions rather than celebrating a holiday. I don't know...it is just weird. Overall, however, it was a fun and enjoyable holiday season. Well, negating the almost 10lb weight gain...

So now I am home. It feels good to be home and I am enjoying spending such a great time with my four legged family. Remy was happy to see me and is now laying on my feet. Kieren is a total pur box and is resting his head on my lap as I type. I went and saw Trinity and she seems fat and happy. I will take some time later today to go groom and love on her. I have so much to do, yet I can not get motivated enough to really gear up. Therefore, I have decided that I need to spend today as a relaxing, chill day. Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, January 3, 2012 I will be going full steam ahead. This will include:

  1. Drafting a new Capstone Proposal (I changed my topic...again)
  2. Working hard at my new job in order to assure a promotion and full time appointment
  3. Starting my next to last quarter of school
  4. Cleaning my house
  5. Unpacking all of my suitcases
  6. Taking down my Christmas decorations
This will take place each evening after work as well as a majority of the day Saturday and Sunday evening. I say Sunday evening, because also starting this weekend I will be joining a church and trying to get more involved in my community! I hope all goes well.

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