Friday, January 13, 2012


Breakfast of champions? I say YES! This was my creation with my new Fiber One pancake mix. The first time I tried the mix I followed the directions on the box. They were yummy...The second time I made the pancakes I used a trick from one of the bloggers that I follow. I whipped 1/4 cup of egg whites to stiff peaks and then folded them in to the batter (made as directed). I then added blueberries! TASTE explosion! These were so good. Plus the egg whites bulked up the pancakes so I got 4 huge pancakes when I normally would get 3 medium sized one. The blueberries added a fun texture and sweetness along with my sugar free Maple syrup! Repeat? ABSOLUTELY! I think that I ill try Strawberry pancakes this weekend. The second best part of these pancakes (because let's be serious...the taste is the best part) is that they are only 6 WW plus points (one extra point for the sugar free syrup, for a total of 7). My microwavable, tiny, delicious, yet not satisfying Jimmy Dean sandwiches are 7 also...come on even the microwavable Smart Ones breakfasts range from 5-7!

I found another recipe for Meatloaf burgers that I am going to try tonight, though I will be using ground turkey in place of the beef (one it is healthier, two it is all I have...). I sure hope I have Worcestershire sauce...maybe I should stop at the Grocery Store? Will the burger be as satisfying on a SaraLee thin bun, or should I pick up some real buns (low fat, high fiber...of course). I will also be making some butternut squash fries! Stand by for epic deliciousness!


  1. Seriously!? Only 6 points? For ALL of those pancakes? I am SOOOO going to buy some Fiber One pancake mix and try this with the egg whites.

    Thanks for posting!! I just may re-post this after trying them myself! :-)

    1. I KNOW! They are amazing! I made Strawberry Banana ones this morning. I will be posting them later today along with my meatloaf turkey burger! YUMMY!

      GOOD LUCK!