Thursday, October 13, 2011


I think that my body was not getting enough food.

I am going to discuss this with my counselor on Saturday morning when I go in. This morning I saw ANOTHER huge drop on my scale. Since adding 2 servings of Dairy and moving to some of the higher calorie snacks my body is dropping weight like there is no tomorrow. At this rate I MIGHT actually hit my goal by the time I leave for Virginia. Now, that is a huge stretch I realize since I leave in exactly one week, but it has been done, just saying...I wasn't going to weigh-in tomorrow but I kind of want to just to see my drop; however, I think I wills sleep in as planed and go Saturday! HA

Saturday I am also going to the Aveda Institute to get my hair cut and colored. I am thinking that I am going to go a caramelly color with highlights and lowlights to give my hair volume and life; however, I am not sure of the cut. I don't want to go too short, but I do want a change. Any ideas on either?

Saturday I am also getting a new pair of Ugg boots! My amazing aunt bought me a pair last year for Christmas; however, they were the wrong size and I already had that style. Well, I waited too long to take them back and the store didn't have any others. So, they gave me a gift card and told me to come back this fall when all the new styles came out. I am so excited to go shopping for free!

Sunday I am going to get a bunch of homework done and start packing for my trip! YA!

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