Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mentally Preparing to be Bad

So I have been using today to mentally prepare to be bad this weekend! I know that is crazy, but I do not want to be concerned about my food this weekend. I know I will retain water, I know I will gain a few pounds, I know I will be disappointed Tuesday morning. By mentally preparing myself for this I think that I will be better able to handle the number come Tuesday morning. I have kind of flushed my body today to help prepare for the sodium intake. YAY PARSLEY! hahaha. I will be at the airport for around 7 hours today so I will be forced to eat airport food. There is no subway (my fall back) at the Denver airport, so I have done my research and chosen Quiznos.

Friday should not be too bad. I am making Shane breakfast and lunch out of my Hungry-girl recipes so I know that they are healthy and fairly well balanced. We are also going out to Sushi for dinner, so that should be moderately healthy if I make good choices, eat sashimi, and ditch most of the rice. I know I will have a drink or two, but I should be okay since I am eating fish most of the day!

Saturday...all bets are off...I am making a very healthy Oatmeal for breakfast; however, for lunch, we are attending the Apple Festival at Carter Mountain Orchard. This is one of my favorite parts about visiting Virginia in the fall! This orchard makes the BEST Apple Cider Donuts, BBQ sandwich with homemade Peach BBQ sauce, and KILLER sides. So yeah, after the orchard we are heading to Charlottesville for the afternoon, which should equal a fair amount of walking (let's be hopeful...). For dinner, we are heading to my favorite restaraunt in the world...MELTING POT! ahhh...I dream about the goodness that is Melting Pot...Mix that with a bottle or so of wine, chocolates, etc...yeah chalk up several days worth of calories!

Sunday, we get a free breakfast from the hotel. I should be able to make good choices of eggs and whole wheat toast. We will then proceed to get lunch to go and head to the Blue Ridge Parkway for some leaf peeping and water fall hikes. This should be a fairly effective exercise day. I know of at least 2 short hikes that we are going to take. I don't know the plan for Sunday night yet, but, hopefully, I should be able to make good choices...Here's to hoping...

I leave Lynchburg EARLY Monday morning, so the plan is to do three Very High Protein shakes for three days to flush my system and jump start it back in to action. I know after a weekend like the one described abvoe, that will be the LAST thing I want, but I know it is what I will need. Therefore, I will do it...

2 weeks later it is off to a fun-filled weekend in Texas.

2 weeks later it is off to Italy.

My goal for all of these trips is to come back NOT weighing more than 140. This gives me about 4 pounds of wiggle room...hmmm...

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  1. Good job Lauren! You are a girl after my own heart - BJ's and Melting Pot. Yummy! Enjoy your weekend. Whatever you gain will come off quickly. We just got back from Disney and after two days, I was back down. So, you can do it!