Monday, October 10, 2011

Mental Break

So this past weekend I took a much needed break from the diet front! I start Balance today so I figured I would take a weekend to relax and chill. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't head over and eat an entire Awesome Blossom (though I think that would BE awesome) followed by a gallon of ice cream. I did stay fairly to plan though I had some fun as well. I tried out a couple recipes that I have been eyeing for a long time. One of these was a kick ass easy to make guilt-free pumpkin bread. All you do is take one box of Duncan Moist Spice Cake mix and one can of 15oz. Libby's Pumpkin (not pie filling, pure pumpkin). I separated the mix into four miniature loaf pans and baked it. HOLY MOLY it was yummy. The bread was light and dense at the same time. It had the perfect amount of sweet and savory. I took three of the loafs to the three people that will be caring for Trinity while I am out of town and kept one for myself (another way to keep it guilt-free...don't keep it!). Once the bread cooled I cut it into 6 pieces (therefore it was only 1/24th of the recipe per slice. Since the "bread" was so dense the slices were plenty for a little snack. I baggied them up separately and placed them in the fridge. Each slice of my guilt-free pumpkin bread is only 94 calories (if you only eat one).

I also made some roasted tomato salsa! You see, the Student Life Division (that I work for at DU) planted a HUGE garden on our third floor patio this summer. Well Friday we had horrible winds and most of the tomato plants got blown over. Therefore, they had to harvest the tomatoes or lose them. I took about 1/4 of the tomatoes home and I made salsa! I brought about half back for the office and kept half at home for me!

I tried two other recipes that turned out to be amazing, but I can't talk about them here because I am making them for Shane as a surprise when I visit in a couple weeks!

One thing that I did finally get the courage to try were the Tofu Shirataki Noodle Substitutes. Hungry-Girl.com uses them in recipes all of the time. I am slightly scared of tofu so I was so nervous to try these, but I got up the courage and made the Hungry Girlfredo. These "noodles" are AMAZING! They are only 40 calories for a whole bag and super low carb and moderately high in protein. You must follow the instructions on drying them (they come packed in water), but I am serious when I tell you...you will NOT be able to tell the difference!!! CRAZY

So anyways, as I said, I took a mental break had an enjoyable food weekend and relaxed this weekend. It snowed Saturday morning which was a nice, but cold, surprise! So, I faced the music this morning and went in to the center to weigh-in. I caveat-ed my weigh-in by telling them I took a much needed break and that I wasn't going to be upset by what I saw on the scale. Low and Behold I only gained 1/2 a pound. Not too bad I should say! I am jumping right back on the Balance Train today and surging ahead. Hopefully I will drop a bit here and there but if not, whatever.

So, at my weigh-in I met with Jimmy, who is the manager and the guy who originally signed me up. He told me that we would take my after pictures on Wednesday and that he wanted to submit them to the marketing department for an official PHOTO SHOOT! He thinks that I have made a drastic improvement and that I should have an official Slimgenics Photo Shoot! AHHHHH! I am so excited!

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