Monday, October 3, 2011

They confirmed it...

So my weigh-in today confirmed that I am up 1.25 pounds from my lowest weight and up .75 pounds from my weigh-in on Friday. I am so frustrated. I try and try. All I can think is that I may have had extra sodium in some hot sauce I used, but I used extra lemon and drank a bit of extra water to help flush it! My counselor was at a loss and I can tell that she was trying to be sympathetic. She is going to talk to the manager and see what we can do. She is hoping that I can possibly get a few extra weeks to get my weight down. This would mean that I am on weight loss until I leave for VA and then I would be in balance until I leave for Italy and then I would be DONE! YAY! It is all about maintenance from there...So we shall see.

To help jump start the weight loss some more I am going to keep working out. I had kind of let this goal slide because of the hours and time it takes to use the free gym at DU. Luckily, Netflix has a fairly good assortment of videos on instant streaming. My goal is now going to be a 30 minute video in the morning and 30 minutes on the Wii in the evenings at the VERY least...we'll see how that goes...

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