Friday, September 9, 2011

Back on Track

So I weighed in this morning still a little high, but I WAS down 3.5 pounds from Monday. I am slowly shedding the water weight and extra poundage gained from the fun filled weekend with my parental units. The counselors are so positive and such a great help. We discussed recipes, variety in diet, and ways to help make the whole process more enjoyable and not so stale. I only have 29 days of weight loss left before I begin learning how to eat like a real person again! PHEW!

Last night's Zumba class left a lot to be desired...I thought that it would be more interactive and fun. Instead it was an "instructor" dancing up front and 35 of us trying to figure out what she was doing. I believe that SHE got a wonderful workout...the other 35 of us...not so much. I thought that the class would have a more instructive component to help us get the most of the dance moves and workout. I am going to give the class another couple chances before I completely give up on it.

I have begun all of my pre-Italy and fall quarter planning and it is going to be a BUSY quarter/semester! Shane was slated to come see me in October for my birthday, but he is starting a new job and will be in training and unable to get the time off. So, instead, he is buying me a plane ticket to come see him and his parent's are going to pay to board Remy as my birthday present! I was really excited for him to meet all my new friends/neighbors, but whatcha gonna do...we will have fun in Virginia (and I'll get to wear my new dress Mom bought me last time I was home ;-)  ). Then, also for my birthday, Mom is flying me home to do some Italy prep work and to spend some time with the family. THEN, we will be going to Italy! Then, Shane's family is going to fly me out for Shane's graduation from Police Academy. Then, I will be going home for Family Christmas/Christmas! Like I said...busy...

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