Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Same Ole Same Ole

SO, I went to weigh in this morning. I finally bit the bullet and decided that I needed to weigh in and get it over with. Good news is that I was the exact same as I was on Friday! Bad news is that I was the exact same as I was on Friday! Another whole week wasted...

Well the center decided to put me on a plateau breaker for Thursday and Friday just to give my system a little "umph". The problem? Thursday I am leading a training at a Frozen Yogurt shop for my new interns (I tried to schedule it for the on campus conference room or coffee shop but my supervisor REALLY wanted to go off campus...I am trying to find another cute spot since it will be cold I may be able to talk him into an off campus coffee shop). Friday we are having ANOTHER party at my community to eat all of the food that we had left over from the last party...ugh. I don't know how I am going to get out of this one. Since I will be on the plateau breaker there are no substitutes so I HAVE to stick to the plan. Especially since I have 24 days to loose 11 pounds (HA HA).

You see, here is my predicament. My original goal is only 1 pound away. I wanted to lower it since I had all of these extra weeks. Well, since then I have yet to get to my ORIGINAL goal. This is frustrating (to say the least). I at least want to loose 6 pounds in the next 24 days so that I can have that 5 pound cushion under my goal to moderate and NEVER be above my original goal ever again. I know people say you can still loose after the weight loss phase while they are "balancing" your new diet, but I would like to be at my goal before that so maybe I can loose a bit more? I go back on Friday to discuss how my first day of the plateau breaker went and then I will go back Monday. Hopefully this metabolic kick in the ass will help me get past Thursday and Friday and have an awesome last 20 days. Heres to hoping...


I Love You More Than The Most

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