Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chugging Along

So today started off well! I spent some quality time with Trinity and Remy this morning as the sun rose; however, it was COLD! Then I weighed in at 137.5!! WOOHOO I am only .25 pounds away from my 30 pound milestone and only 7.5 pounds away from my final goal. Looking in the mirror this morning was the first time I saw my body and said "wow, I DO look good". I knew I was loosing weight and looked good, but today I finally noticed it for myself (we are always the last to compliment ourselves).

While this was all so very exciting, the rest of my goals aren't going so well. I have not been going to my workout classes. I did not enjoy Zumba and the Ab Blast is hard to get to since it starts 5 minutes after I get off work. The yoga class is awesome and I really enjoy it; however, Wednesdays are my late night so to get to campus 2 hours earlier just makes it a really long day. I know I am making excuses, which I swore I wouldn't do, but I am still loosing the weight. I think I may alter my workout goal to include 30 minutes on the Wii twice or three times a week. I think that this works better for me than the actual classes, though I love the classes...ugh the agony!

Until this week I was doing well on washing my face and wearing my mouth guard; however, for some reason that hasn't happened this week. I am still applying my makeup every morning though! Small steps. I stopped taking out my contacts every night because I was having more eye problems doing that then when I don't. So, I have changed to taking them out on Saturday and leaving them out until Monday. That way my eyes have time to breathe but I don't have to worry about the in and out pains throughout the week.

I have really been doing a lot of nutrition research and stuff to prepare me for life sans Slimgenics (though I still have their support for 18 more weeks). I will be off the weight loss plan in two weeks and started on the Balance phase. I don't really know what that means but I have heard rumor of cheese and free choice on veggies and fruits...can we say bananas, onions, and CHEESE! Within reason of course.

I have been scraping the bottom of my fridge lately waiting for today (Wednesday) because it is double coupon day at Sprouts. I am heading there after work today to pick up some protein, fruits, and veggies. Luckily, I have AWESOME neighbors that are taking care of the animals on Wednesdays for me since it is such a long day for me. It allows me to make my day a little longer (adding a grocery store run after class) and not worry about the kids at home! I don't know what I would do without my awesome neighbors. I really think I would be loosing it...

So, in other news, the job search feelers are beginning to go out, though there are no jobs posted yet for June starts. They probably will not be posted until Novemberish, but I want to be prepared when they do go up. Sweet Briar actually has a job posted that has been up for a while. I am considering applying for it as a back-up back-up plan. I love the school and LOVE the Co-Curricular (Student) Life Office; however, I don't love the town...so it would REALLY be a back-up. I think I may go talk to the head of the department when I am in town in October and just put my feelers in to the position. I would rather be in Dallas, but if nothing pans out there it is at least a school whose mission, vision, and goals I believe in!

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