Monday, September 12, 2011


I had a bad weekend of going off track. When it is just me in my normal routine I do GREAT! My biggest problem is that I live in a little community of 7 apartment on a small horse farm in Aurora and we are all really close friends. Saturday we unloaded about 200 bales of Hay and then one of the guys went to Del Taco and got us all burritos. I tried really hard to wiggle my way out of it saying I had food marinating and in the crock pot, I was on the diet and didn't want to go off, and so many other excuses. When he showed up with the burritos though I gave in and had it...I was so mad at myself. Then Sunday was the owner of the property's birthday party and I tried to just have small things and did good, but then I went back again and again knowing it was wrong! I have NO will power when it comes to this type of stuff (thus being almost 40 pounds over weight...). I don't understand. I am so strong in other areas; however, when it comes to food something takes over and I can't control myself!

I was so embarassed by my weight gain from the weekend I didn't go in to the center today. I wanted to give myself a couple days to get back on track. I HATE when I screw up like this...I wish I had an excuse other than my lack of will power when it comes to food...

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  1. I have struggled with this so much in the past, and I think the key is to get it stuck in your head that, as someone once said, "thin feels so much better than this tastes."

    You KNOW the plan works, so knowing that if you stick to it and say no to the things that got you to your heaviest, you KNOW you will lose weight and feel awesome.

    Good luck! You're doing great!